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        Although rather poorly documented by ancient authors, the history of Capri involves many characters of notable importance. The island was frequently despoiled and plundered, however, so far no systematic archaeological research has been carried out.


The Palaeolithic

      Evidence of human inhabitation of the island of Capri dates back to the Lower Palaeolithic (approximately 400,000 years ago). In fact, excavation of the area near the Hotel Quisisana in 1905 unearthed articles made in stone and the remains of continental fauna (including elephas antiquus) - proof that Capri was once joined to the mainland Sorrento peninsula.

Lithic industry from Quisisana

Remains of a bear (Ursus spelaeus)

Mammoth tooth (Mammuthus chosaricus)

(Ignazio Cerio Museum)

From the Neolithic to the arrival of the Greeks

The name 'Capri'

Pre-Roman Capri

Augustus and Capri

Tiberius on Capri

Capri after Tiberius

 (text by Eduardo Federico - Photographs by Marco Amitrano)